Our aim to do quality work, study and implement the best opportunities. We have a backend, frontend developers and a designer in our group. And we ready to review your propositions if they are does not harm in any form a human and don't includes unethical content.

Terms of cooperation

Modern technologies

A lot of technology around us today, and we are trying to deepen their knowledge in the best of them. We work as well with attendant technologies such as SSL, Card Aquiring, Geocoding.


He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the [b]miry clay, And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm.
Holy Bible (NASB) Ps.40:2,3


We specialize in web development, and generally using PHP, MySql with HTML5 and CSS3 (Bootstrap 3.x for responsive design), Js as well as Joomla, Wordpress CMS.

Our projects (made with love)

Jobbee more_vert

Environmets shortcuts:
PHP(Yii 1.x) with MySQL,
HTML5 / CSS 3(Bootstrap 3.x)


Environmets shortcuts:
Wordpress CMS based on PHP/MySQL
HTML5 and CSS 3(Bootstrap 3)


Environmets shortcuts:
PHP(Yii 2.x) with MySQL
HTML5/JS and CSS 3(UiKit 2)


Environmets shortcuts:
PHP(Yii 1.x) with MySQL
HTML5 and CSS 3(ZURB Foundation 5)


Environmets shortcuts:
Wordpress CMS based on PHP/MySQL
HTML5 and CSS 3(UiKit)

SDA churchmore_vert

Environmets shortcuts:
Joomla CMS based on PHP/MySQL
HTML5 and CSS 3(UiKit 2)


Environmets shortcuts:
Joomla CMS based on PHP/MySQL
HTML5 and CSS 3(UiKit 2)

Projects timeline

  1. Ekostroy

    February 16th, 2014

    Site-card company which is engaged in the construction of cottages and apartment buildings using environmentally friendly and durable materials, as well as selling real estate and alternative energy sources.

  2. Sandrosposa

    June 28th, 2015

    Wedding business card site where there is a registration, as well as an option to order wedding dresses.

  3. Grazdanstvo_ES

    Jule 29th, 2015

    Businessmans site-card who is engaged in registration of Romanian and Moldova citizenships.

  4. SDA church

    August 20th, 2015

    Site for Seventh-day Adventist Church of the Chernivtsi city in Ukraine.

  5. Jobbee

    November 11th, 2015

    A web service for creating and executing various kinds of user tasks, as well as lease / rental items users. It is simple and easy to use, his task - is to save time and guarantee the security of transactions between users.

  6. ASD-zalischanschyny

    January 10th, 2016

    News site where there is video and audio content, as well as poetry. The target audience of the site - it is the users who are interested in spiritual matters and enjoy a calm and positive music and songs.

  7. GEDP

    March 17th, 2016

    The health portal has a departments, such as: preventing violence, skin protection, infection control, back-protecting work.

  8. Azaria-group

    May 22th, 2016

    Our portfolio-site.

Our group

user background
Andrew Zagarichuk

Technical director / back-end developer

+38 (066) 068-99-32


Andrew Zagarichuk

Actual skills: PHP(Yii 2.x), MySql, Javascript, jQuery
HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap 3.x)
Well known with: C, C++, Java, Adobe Flash.
Experienced with:

  • - Card Aquiring (privat24, liqpay, invoices).
  • - YandexMap API - Geocoding.
  • - SEO site optimization
  • - SSL certificate setup.

user background
user background Vladislav Belov

Project manager, back / front-end

+38 (095) 20-111-41


Vladislav Belov

Actual skills: PHP (Yii 1.x, 2.x), MySql, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap 3.x, UiKit, Foundation, Materialize, Leapstrap, Fuel UX, Tocify), Sass.
CMS - Wordpress, Joomla.
Experienced with:

  • - Card Aquiring (privat24, liqpay, invoices).
  • - SEO site optimization
  • - SSL certificate setup.
  • - Protection your site against DDoS attacks through service CloudFlare.com

user background
user background Stanislav Babenko

Creator of banner advertising

+38 (095) 875-78-31


Stanislav Babenko

Actual skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash (Animate)

user background
user background Peter Klekot

Front-end developer

+38 (050) 652-97-56


Peter Klekot

Actual skills: PHP (core), JavaScript (JQuery, JQuery-UI), HTML, CSS (Bootstrap 3.x, ZURB Foundation),
Preprocessors - Sass, Less.
Adaptive, cross-browser layout PSD-layout.


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